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If you’ve recently undergone orthodontic treatment to straighten your teeth and want to avoid them shifting again, cosmetic dentists Sean Sutton, DDS, Mark Sutton, DDS, and their expert team at Greenwich Dentistry in Greenwich, Connecticut, offer a solution. They provide custom-fit retainers to keep your teeth and smile beautiful. Book an appointment with Greenwich Dentistry, serving Greenwich, Connecticut, and surrounding areas, by phone or online to get started today.

Retainers Q&A



What are retainers?

Retainers are small metal or plastic mouthpieces custom-made to fit you or your child’s teeth after orthodontic treatment. Your dentist can attach a permanent retainer to the back of your teeth or recommend a removable retainer. Wearing retainers helps prevent teeth from shifting out of their new, proper alignment.

What are the benefits of retainers?

Wearing a retainer can offer you or your child numerous benefits, including:

  • Straighter teeth
  • Reduced teeth shifting
  • Non-invasive treatment
  • Custom-made, comfortable fit
  • Reduced teeth grinding
  • Long-lasting results
  • Reduced risk of temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ)

Retainers can save you money, as they help you or your child avoid expensive orthodontic retreatment associated with teeth shifting. Removable retainers are often worn just at night when you sleep, making them a convenient option.

What should I expect when getting a retainer?

Prior to getting a retainer, your dentist reviews your dental and orthodontic history and examines your teeth and gums. They digitally scan your teeth to create a custom-made retainer that keeps teeth in their proper alignment.

When the retainer is ready, your dentist makes sure it fits properly or permanently bonds it to the back of your teeth. If you receive a removable retainer, your provider gives you instructions about how often and when to wear it. You might wear a retainer often for a few months and just at night after that.

How should I care for a removable retainer?

To help prevent food particles, plaque, and bacteria from accumulating on your retainer, follow your dentist’s at-home care instructions. Clean it daily using a special cleaning product or toothpaste if your dentist says it’s okay. You can soak your retainer, but don’t place it in hot water. Avoid bending the retainer.

Call the Greenwich Dentistry team if your retainer gets lost or damaged, and wear it as instructed to maintain your beautiful smile for a lifetime. Attend routine dental exams every six months so your dentist can evaluate your retainer’s effectiveness.

If you or your child recently completed orthodontic treatment and would like to maintain an aesthetically pleasing smile, schedule an appointment with Greenwich Dentistry by phone or online today.