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My Teeth Are Stained and Dingy. What Are My Options?

My Teeth Are Stained and Dingy. What Are My Options?

When did you first start to notice that your teeth look less than perfect in terms of tone and color? Maybe stains snuck up on you, and you only noticed how dingy your teeth look when peeking in a mirror with harsh lighting.

You might have noticed a change for the worse in your smile’s appearance when looking back at photos of yourself or comparing the color of your teeth to that of younger people.

Either way, now that you see stains on your teeth, it might be hard to get that flaw out of your mind. An imperfect dental appearance can damage your self-esteem and even stop you from smiling in public.

At Greenwich Dentistry of Greenwich, Connecticut, we offer professional-quality teeth whitening treatment and cosmetic dentistry options to restore the pristine appearance of your smile. 

If you’re stressed out about stained or yellow teeth, consult with Dr. Sean Sutton and Dr. Mark Sutton of Greenwich Dentistry to better understand the tools available to you to address it.

Dental enamel discoloration

Both staining and yellowing of teeth relate to issues with dental enamel. Your teeth are naturally coated with a layer of this hard but somewhat permeable protective substance. The enamel is also what gives your teeth that “pearly white” look. Damage or wear-and-tear to your dental enamel can leave you with an inconsistent tooth tone or shade.

Your dental enamel can develop stains over time due to certain foods, beverages, and behaviors. Blueberries, coffee, and smoking cigarettes are common causes of dental discoloration and staining. Good dental hygiene limits staining to a certain degree, but once stains have penetrated your dental enamel, you won’t be able to get them off with a toothbrush.

Dental enamel also wears away over time, especially if you brush too hard or drink lots of acidic beverages. The underlying layer of your teeth, dentin, is more yellow than the white enamel covering. If the enamel wears thin, the yellow shade of your dentin starts to show through. That’s why teeth often appear more yellow as you get older.

Cleansing your dental enamel

You’d be surprised how much of a change a brighter smile can make in your overall appearance. Whiter teeth can even make you look younger!

While at-home whitening kits are available for sale, over-the-counter products aren’t likely to give you ideal results. The Greenwich Dentistry team offers results you can count on, with significant, even-toned whitening and brightening of your smile using state-of-the-art laser Philips Zoom technology. The procedure takes about two hours to complete.

At Greenwich Dentistry, we use safe and effective agents to lift stains away from your dental enamel. The effect is enhanced with the application of LED light technology, only available with an in-office dental whitening treatment. 

The team at Greenwich Dentistry works with you to determine the best target shade to leave your smile looking natural and perfect after your treatment session.

For teeth whitening treatments that can restore the smiles of adults of all ages, get in touch with the Drs. Sutton and the team at Greenwich Dentistry. Schedule your appointment over the phone today.

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