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Laser Dentistry

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Laser technology has revolutionized health care, and dentistry is no different. Laser dental treatments at Greenwich Dentistry whiten teeth, eliminate sensitivity, and reduce bacteria to give people of all ages living in the Greenwich, Connecticut, area healthier smiles. Located in Greenwich, Connecticut, Sean Sutton, DDS, and Mark Sutton, DDS, combine new technology with exceptional dental expertise. To find out what laser dentistry could do for the health of your teeth, gums, and mouth, contact the office online or by phone for an appointment.

Laser Dentistry Q&A



What is laser dentistry?

Laser dentistry utilizes the power of laser technology to treat conditions affecting your oral health. It’s a popular option because it offers less pain and shorter recovery times than many traditional dental treatments that rely on drills and other invasive tools.
The dentists at Greenwich Dentistry use diode lasers for teeth whitening, eliminating sensitivity, treating decay, and more. The lasers work by targeting intense light energy in the treatment area, without affecting surrounding tissues.

Laser dentistry can be used on hard tissues (teeth) and soft tissues (gums). Laser treatment is sterile and often results in less blood loss than other methods. Certain laser treatments can even stimulate tissue regeneration to speed healing and recovery.

What can laser dental treatments do?

Laser technology gives you a range of treatment options to improve oral health and also enhance the look of your smile. The team at Greenwich Dentistry regularly uses laser treatments for preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry services.

Laser dentistry can:

  • Reduce tooth sensitivity
  • Remove tooth decay
  • Treat gum disease
  • Whiten teeth

Laser dentistry can identify cavities, treat decay, and make getting fillings quicker and less painful. It removes bacteria to treat and even reverse gum disease, including gingivitis and periodontitis.

It’s a popular option to treat tooth sensitivity. By sealing the nerve endings in sensitive teeth, laser treatment can reduce pain when you eat or drink foods and beverages that are cold, hot, or sweet.

How can laser dentistry improve my oral health?

Laser dentistry offers increased patient comfort and better results for many types of dental treatments. Lasers replace traditional drills and scalpels, which means treatment is generally less invasive.

Laser dentistry is safe and it can be added to your routine dental care to protect your oral health. It can not only identify areas of decay, but it effectively removes bacteria to stop the progression of gum disease.

Since many laser treatments don’t require cutting into soft tissue, you may not need sutures following more advanced dental treatments. Plus, there’s a reduced risk of infection and you can expect shorter healing times when your procedure is performed with laser technology.

Find the latest technology combined with dental expertise at Greenwich Dentistry. Learn more about the benefits of laser dentistry by calling the office or booking online.