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Scared of the Dentist? Try Laser Treatments

Scared of the Dentist? Try Laser Treatments

Dental anxiety is real for some people and might cause them to neglect their oral health. If that describes you, there’s good news: Advances in technology in the form of laser treatments can help you get the dental care you need without the anxiety.

Say goodbye to hand-scraping tartar and plaque buildup. A focused light beam can gently clean your teeth instead. 

At Greenwich Dentistry, we aim to make your dental visit as comfortable as possible. We offer amenities such as smart TVs to watch your favorite shows, noise-canceling headphones, and laser treatments.

What are dental laser treatments? 

Dental laser treatments offer a safe and powerful way to treat tooth decay, find cavities, and make fillings quick and less painful. Laser dental treatments can remove bacteria from your teeth and gums to reverse gum disease. 

Laser dentistry helps reduce tooth sensitivities and can whiten discolored teeth too. 

How do dental lasers work? 

You might already know that a laser is a strong beam of light. When used in a surgical procedure or at a dental office, the laser can vaporize hard or soft tissues when needed — for example, in preparation for a root canal

We also use lasers for teeth whitening because the beam helps the whitening solution seep into your teeth quicker to give you immediate results. 

Dental lasers are powerful tools with a variety of applications depending on your oral health needs and goals. 

The benefits of dental lasers 

Many patients appreciate the efficiency of the laser. Patients with dental anxiety can relax because it often eliminates the need for a drill or local anesthesia. And if you’re relaxed, your dentist can work more quickly.

When used in dental cleaning, lasers eliminate plaque buildup without the traditional hand-scraping. And they can detect tooth decay and eliminate bacteria that lead to gum disease. 

Also, most people experience less pain and swelling with dental laser treatments. Healing is faster with laser dentistry. 

Laser dentistry, however, isn’t appropriate for all dental procedures. For example, if you’re replacing a loose filling or you need a bridge, laser treatment may not be possible. In that case, we still do everything possible to ensure your comfort at Greenwich Dentistry. 

If you’re letting dental anxiety get in the way of needed dental care, schedule a consultation at Greenwich Dentistry to see if laser dentistry might be the solution. Call our office in Cos Cob, Connecticut, and let our expert team help put you at ease.


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