Top Dental Technology and How It Helps Optimize Your Dental Health

Top Dental Technology and How It Helps Optimize Your Dental Health

Your teeth are far more than the things you use to smile and chew food. Without your teeth, you can’t speak as clearly, and your mouth takes on a different shape, which directly affects how people interact with you. 

And not taking care of your teeth means running the risk of many avoidable health conditions, like heart disease and stroke. So even basic dental care can do a great deal to better your overall health, but your dentist has ways of keeping your teeth at their best. Let’s look at the types of dental technology available and what they can do to improve your dental health.

Residents in the Greenwich, Connecticut, area looking for ways to improve their dental health can find help with Mark Sutton, DDS, and Sean Sutton, DDS, of Greenwich Dentistry. Our compassionate team is dedicated to providing you with the best dental care in a relaxed, comfortable environment.

The technology we provide

To give you the best advantages for improving the health of your teeth, here are the latest tools we use:

Digital scanner

One of the early steps in determining the condition of your teeth is getting as much accurate information as possible with a digital scan. To accomplish this, the iTero® intraoral digital scanner offers model scanning of your teeth to help us determine plans of action to address any issues you may have.

Zoom! bleaching

This method works by using a combination of a hydrogen peroxide whitening gel and LED light to brighten teeth by several shades. The results can last for several months or even over a year.

Digital Smile Design (DSD)

This is a great tool for dentists who want to help their patients see the results of the work to be done through a digital mockup. It helps you better visualize the end result, giving you more confidence that your smile will be its best.

Laser dentistry

A method that goes back as far as 1989, laser dentistry offers a more comfortable option for patients when performing work on hard or soft tissue. This process can be used for treating many dental issues, such as tooth hypersensitivity, tooth decay, gum disease, and whitening teeth.

Intraoral digital camera

This device allows us to diagnose and help treat dental caries and monitor restoration of teeth by capturing high-quality images. It’s very useful in endodontics, orthodontics, and other forms of oral medicine.

Digital X-rays

A vital aid in detecting areas of bone loss and tooth decay, digital X-rays use an electronic sensor to perform much faster imaging than standard X-rays. The resulting bigger, clearer images can be a great deal of help in detecting problems and helping to guide how a procedure is done.


This is an orthodontic tool used to align teeth in a fashion similar to braces, but it uses clear plastic aligners to treat a variety of dental issues such as overbite, underbite, crossbite, open bite, gap teeth, and crowded teeth.

How technology benefits your dental health

These modern tools make the process of identifying dental problems significantly easier and allow for safer, better solutions than many common tools of the past. With so many digital tools at our disposal, we don’t have to rely on traditional X-rays and other methods of examining your teeth.

Identifying things like bone density with these methods makes it much easier to determine things like the viability of dental implants or the success of root canals. Anything that makes our lives easier will only make it easier to help your teeth look their best.

Now you know the tools we have at our disposal for your dental health. If you’re having a problem with your teeth or you’re just looking to stay on top of your dental hygiene, be sure to make an appointment with us at Greenwich Dentistry today.

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