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Why Crowns Are an Effective Solution To Restore Damaged Teeth

Why Crowns Are an Effective Solution To Restore Damaged Teeth

Not all crowns are worn on your head - there’s a crown that goes in your mouth. If you’ve had an accident that resulted in a damaged tooth, or if you’re experiencing tooth decay, a dental crown could be the solution for you. Dental crowns are a solution that protects your natural teeth and helps you to eat, drink, and speak normally.

Choosing to get a dental crown shouldn’t be a decision you make alone - it should come from a trusted professional. Sean Sutton, DDS, and Mark Sutton, DDS, lead our caring and compassionate team at Greenwich Dentistry in Greenwich, Connecticut. We offer emergency dentistry and various cosmetic dental services to help with any cosmetic or dental issue. 

What is a dental crown?

A dental crown (also called a cap) is a small cover customized to fit your tooth. Dental crowns have many jobs: they protect your damaged tooth, and they protect your other teeth. Dental crowns can be permanent or temporary, though you would only need a temporary crown if you’re waiting for a permanent crown to be created for you. 

Crowns can reinvigorate discolored or misshapen teeth, cover dental implants, hold a dental bridge, or restore a worn or damaged tooth. Young children may need dental crowns for little teeth that can’t support a filling, reduce the risk of tooth decay, or reduce the likelihood of necessary dental surgery. 

What else can a dental crown do?

Dental crowns don’t need any additional maintenance that differs from your regular oral care routine. You can continue to take your medications as directed by your physician, and you won’t have to worry about taking your crown on and off. Your crown should stay in place permanently, so you shouldn’t need to replace your crown at any point. 

Sadly, your crown can break, or it can become loose. If this happens, don’t panic! It happens all of the time, and our emergency dental services have assisted many people with loose or broken crowns. Drs. Sutton can help you with a temporary crown until your new crown is ready for you. 

If you’re a patient who is missing several teeth in a row, dental crowns still have a role to play in maintaining your oral health. One or several dental crowns can be used to anchor or uphold dental bridges, which replace your missing teeth. Severely damaged teeth may need dental implants, which keep stress off your jaw and prevents your remaining teeth from shifting.

Do I need a crown?

One of our experienced Drs. Sutton will be able to answer that question for you. When you come in for a consultation, your provider will examine your teeth and give you the best options to create the smile you want. 

If your provider determines that you do need a crown, we start with a professional cleaning. After your teeth are clean, and we know whether or not you’re experiencing dental issues that you may not be aware of, we can offer you a crown, if necessary. We fit you with a temporary crown in your first appointment, and your personalized crown will be ready for you at your next appointment. 

Not all bites are created equal. Some need extra help. If you’re missing teeth, have worn teeth, or think you might be losing a tooth, let us help you. Call us today at 203-869-2066 or book an appointment with us online.

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