What To Look For When Choosing Your Family Dentist

Every family is different, but every family needs to prioritize quality dental care. The best dental care for you is a practice with all of the requisites for general dentistry, plus any additional certifications that a dentist may have. Some dental practices, for example, may offer services that are focused on cosmetic dentistry, and others focus on invasive oral procedures. 

For warm, professional staff in a comfortable environment, Greenwich Dentistry in Greenwich, Connecticut, invites you to join our loyal and satisfied patient base. We offer a variety of dental services in a tranquil setting for the best possible experience. Greenwich Dental is led by Sean Sutton, DDS, and Mark Sutton, DDS, who have decades of experience between them. 

When is it time for a new dentist? 

Anytime could be a good time for a new dentist, but finding a new dentist may have a few challenges. Popular dentists or dental practices with one dentist may be booked far into the future. Fortunately, we’re accepting new patients at Greenwich Dental and are happy to schedule time for you to meet one of our providers. 

If you lose your dentist due to a move or they don’t accept your new insurance, it can be frustrating and annoying to look for another dental professional. Some may not have the services that you need or offer them for an affordable rate. If you’ve recently received dental insurance coverage, congratulations! With most dental insurance plans, preventative care, including cleanings, is free.

How do I know which dentist is right for me? 

Choose by Location

Choosing a dentist that is strategic to your home or place of work is always a good idea. If you need a quick visit, you can add a trip to your dentist to your workday or your weekend routine. If you’re worried about making it to your appointment from soccer practice or after-school care, that’s another important consideration. 

Have a consultation

At Greenwich Dental, we’re always excited to meet prospective patients. We offer a variety of general and cosmetic dental services to fit the needs of any family. If you’re concerned about the quality of your bite, we also offer Invisalign for teens and adults. Our spacious offices come with a breathtaking view of the property, and we also offer laser dentistry. 

Ask for recommendations

Friends, family, neighbors, colleagues, and even your old dentist can often refer you to an appropriate dentist for your family. Word-of-mouth will always be the best reference and an excellent way for great dentists to build their networks. The American Dental Association also has a search tool for board-certified member dentists.

New patient deals

Some dentists will discount services as an introduction for new patients. As long as a dentist is board-certified and a member of the ADA, they are a dentist in good standing. Taking a new patient deal from a dentist is an easy way to see how they work, communicate, and whether or not they can help your family stay healthy. 

Check for credentials

If you’ve found a dentist that looks like they’ll be suitable for your family, ask to see their credentials. Our Drs. Sutton are happy to share their education, experience, certifications, and dental organization affiliations with you. Looking up patient reviews is another great way to see if a dentist is a good fit for your family. 

I’m ready for my semi-annual cleaning. 

We’d love to start with a consultation. To give you the best care, we need to know if you have any chronic conditions that could affect the health of your gums and teeth, like diabetes. When choosing a new dentist for your family, it’s critical to choose a provider who cares for hundreds of teeth each month. Call us today at 203-869-2066 or book an appointment with us online.

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