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5 Popular Reasons to Consider Invisalign

5 Popular Reasons to Consider Invisalign

No longer do you have to choose between a mouthful of metal or crooked teeth. Invisalign® is the modern alternative to traditional braces. It works on overcrowded mouths, teeth widely spaced, and underbites or overbites.

This innovative orthodontic treatment uses a set of clear, removable aligners to shift your teeth gradually into the desired position. 

At Greenwich Dentistry in Greenwich, Connecticut, we assess your oral health, take imprints and X-rays of your teeth, and discuss your goals for a dazzling smile. If it’s a fit, we recommend Invisalign. This popular treatment is nearly invisible, and many find it more comfortable. 

5 reasons to consider Invisalign 

This popular alternative to metal braces offers many benefits beyond that they’re hardly noticeable, including: 

1. Predictable results

Before you start wearing Invisalign clear aligners, your Greenwich Dentistry provider uses a 3D imaging tool and computer simulations to predict your teeth’s movement. They show you a virtual representation of how your teeth move at each stage.

This step helps you visualize what to expect from Invisalign treatment, and you can easily track your progress as you move through the series of aligners. 

2. Better dental hygiene

You can take Invisalign aligners out when you eat, brush your teeth, or floss. Traditional, fixed braces can trap food particles in your teeth, making it hard to floss, but Invisalign makes it easier to maintain dental hygiene.

Also, if you want to take out your aligners for a special occasion, you can. 

3. More comfortable 

The rough metal edges and wires traditional braces are known for can tear up the inside of your mouth. Invisalign is smooth and designed to fit your teeth comfortably. Each set of aligners gradually shifts your teeth gently and comfortably compared with metal braces. 

4. No dietary restrictions 

With traditional braces, you’re advised not to eat popcorn, nuts, and many other foods. The concerns range from the risk of damage from a popcorn kernel to the stickiness of a marshmallow. However, with Invisalign, you can remove your aligners to eat whatever you want. 

5. Shorter treatment 

Often, people find their Invisalign treatment takes less time than it would with traditional braces. While everyone’s case differs, 12-18 months is typical for Invisalign. Also, you won’t need to visit the office as much; you receive multiple aligners and can change them at home. 

If you’d like to flash a gorgeous smile and want to know more about discreet, comfortable, efficient Invisalign, the team at Greenwich Dentistry can help. Call our Cos Cob office today to schedule your appointment.

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