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7 Ways Veneers Can Enhance Your Smile

7 Ways Veneers Can Enhance Your Smile

Few people inherit perfect smiles. Furthermore, daily life often throws curves that stain and damage your teeth. It’s good to know that there are plenty of cosmetic dentistry treatments that help you achieve the smile you want. 

Dental veneers are more than a simple cosmetic enhancement to brighten your smile. Visit our veneer specialists at Greenwich Dentistry, located in Cos Cob, Connecticut, to learn more about the seven ways that veneers can enhance your smile and reinforce and protect your teeth now and in the future. 

1. Your brightest smile

Perhaps the best-known use of veneers is teeth capping for a brilliantly white smile. While dental office teeth whitening is a popular and effective treatment, it can’t fix all types of tooth discoloration. Veneers in the whiteness of your choice make an ideal solution when you have stains that don’t respond to regular teeth whitening treatments. 

Applied to a discolored tooth, your dental veneer instantly whitens and brightens that tooth. You can choose to treat a single tooth, or you can choose the brilliance of your smile by using veneers on all visible teeth. 

2. Fixing chips

Your teeth are one of the strongest substances in your body, but they can still be damaged. Chips are common and are often caused by falls, sports participation, or biting on hard foods, including candy and ice.

The thin porcelain shells of veneers can hide chips and other smile flaws, altering the shape, size, and color of the tooth behind the veneer. 

3. Reinforcing cracks

Cracked teeth can still affect your appearance and also make your tooth more vulnerable to decay. Without treatment, a cracked tooth can lead to cavities or tooth loss.

Veneers reinforce cracked teeth, providing cosmetic and structural solutions for your smile. The strong porcelain shells restore your tooth’s healthy appearance while blocking bacteria, reducing the risk of additional damage.

4. Filling gaps

Orthodontic treatment is one way to treat gaps between teeth as well as misalignments. However, if you don’t have a complex or significant alignment issue, braces may not be needed. 

Veneers can be manufactured and shaped to close mild to moderate gaps. That is important because inconvenient tooth gaps can be a hiding place for bacteria and plaque. Therefore, veneers can improve your hygiene. 

5. Alignment fixes

Alignment issues can benefit from orthodontic care, but it may not be necessary for every situation. One or two crooked or out-of-place teeth can be adjusted with veneers and without the time and expense of braces. Veneers quickly conceal mild and moderate misalignments. 

6. Shape adjustments

Gummy smiles are a common issue, where your smile shows an excess of pink tissue above or below your teeth. A perfect smile requires symmetry between the teeth and gums. Veneers are custom fit to your needs, and it’s possible to extend the length of exposed teeth to bring your smile into balance. 

7. Fast results

You’ve learned how veneers can correct many of the same issues as orthodontics. When veneers are an option, the speed of your cosmetic improvements is much faster. There’s no need for months of treatment like with braces. Upon applying your custom veneers, gaps and alignment issues are gone. 

Veneers are just one way to improve the appearance and function of your smile. Find out more by calling Greenwich Dentistry. You can reach the appointment hotline at 203-869-2066. Book your appointment today. 

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